More about LA River Expeditions

Our pioneering 2008 expedition down the river’s 51 miles (from the San Fernando Valley to the Pacific Ocean) launched our involvement with the LA River revitalization.

This groundbreaking expedition was a key factor in changing Federal environmental policy, by winning Clean Water Act protections in 2010 for the river and its watershed.

We continue to do innovative advocacy work and lead kayak tours. Isn’t it time you tried a one-of-a-kind, eye-opening urban adventure, right in the heart of Los Angeles?

Why explore with us

We’ve put 10,000+ people on LA River kayak tours, but people forget that first we had to win the right to even use the river. We’re proud to have played an important role in opening up public access.

We’re an award-winning nonprofit committed to getting you safely down the river and educating you about the river along the way. Our staff includes some of the best kayak instructors and environmental educators in the business.

So you’ll not only have fun while you’re out there, but you’ll learn a lot about nature, the watershed and the history connected to our river

River Hero award.
On the cutting edge of social
and environmental activism.

Green Paddle award.
Protecting America’s waterways
through the power of the paddle.

River Warrior award.
Building river stewardship
one kayaker at a time.

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