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Prior to 2011, we were on the cutting edge of proving the navigability of the LA River through our expeditions in order to protect it. In 2011, LA River Expeditions successfully tested the feasibility of guided, permitted boating excursions on the Los Angeles River via a pilot program with a coalition of local partners. In 2012, we successfully completed our first season of being an official tour operator on the Los Angeles River, and our efforts have made it possible for 2,500 people to enjoy the river via canoes and kayaks this past summer.

This dramatic expansion of L.A. River expeditions is truly an historic occasion for the Los Angeles community, and it's an honor to be involved in this venture and serve your needs.

Through your urban adventure, you will learn about: the local wildlife, the watershed, the history of the river, and boating and river safety skills.

Traveling the river by canoe or kayak will provide you with a fresh understanding of the river — distinct from walking or biking along its banks. This experience will fundamentally reconnect you to the river, and will inspire and empower you to be river stewards. As you have fun while gathering indelible memories, you too will play a role in creating a clean, healthy, safe and sustainable river for current and future generations.

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You could be one of the first person in your neighborhood, office or family — or, for our international guests, the first from your entire country — to have paddled the fabled, notorious Los Angeles River!

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