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The 2017 LA River kayaking season officially begins Memorial Day (May 29) and runs through Labor Day (Sept 2). Our kayak trips start in June. We are the only group to run tours in both recreation zones. Don’t miss your chance to paddle the Los Angeles River and explore your Southern California environment. It’s the best outdoors fun you’ll have all summer!

This year you can also book a limited number of special group trips with your family, friends, favorite organization or workplace colleagues. LA River Expeditions is the original outfitter that led the charge for boating on the LA River. We offer great deals and have the best guides on the river.

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For LA River kayak recreation, LA River kayak racing, environmental education and cutting edge river advocacy, LA River Expeditions is the ultimate destination for outdoor recreation fun in Los Angeles. Isn’t it time you paddle the LA River?

Exploring Los Angeles in a kayak on the L.A. River is the best way to get fired up about joining the movement to save the river by actually using it! Recreational kayaking has become a key component in regaining this valuable natural resource and public space. These trips are a must-do experience here in Los Angeles.

Activism is simply another word for what you can do to help… how you can become activated, and by so doing to improve your own life, the lives of others in your community, and our surrounding environment.

It’s vital role you'll play — plus, it's rewarding to be an active citizen. Make your voice heard. Take your pick from the following actions... or come up with some new routes yourself!

  • Show your intent to go on a future river expedition. Being on record through us helps build a constituency of substantial numbers (which can then affect policy — such as expanding the program to be able to include you and yours).

  • Contact your political representative(s) and share your thoughts. Go direct and contact your city councilmember, county supervisor, state senator and assemblymember, or federal senator and congressional representative.

  • Volunteer with LA River Expeditions. We can always use your help!

  • Make an introduction between us and someone you know (e.g., passionate individual or corporate sponsor) who is in a position to help. That can be huge!

The Los Angeles River was, first and foremost, a river. It had been that way prior to our modern settlement, made on the lush confluence of the Los Angeles River and the Arroyo Seco.

Just because we, as a community, have mistreated and ignored our namesake river for more than 100 years now doesn’t let us, as citizens of Los Angeles, off the hook of responsibility for this river. YOU are the designated custodian-caretaker of this much-abused natural resource.

Pouring a gazillion tons of concrete over the river to control flooding doesn’t negate the river’s existence — it merely buries large portions of it. Some sections, however, have retained a semblance of the former river (Sepulveda Basin, Glendale Narrows/Elysian Valley, Long Beach).

You may believe that the L.A. River's situation is hopeless. But there are some very hopeful urban river revivals which demonstrate that these types of rivers CAN be revitalized. Click here to learn about dramatic urban river revitalizations that didn’t take decades to become a reality (sometimes in as few as 3-5 years!).

At the heart of improving our river’s lot is the public’s re-acknowledgement that it has a fundamental, inalienable right to the river, as evidenced by the California constitution and time-honored ethics and common sense beliefs dating back to “public trust” Roman laws.

We're at a point where our water situation in California is becoming so unsustainable that a better solution for the Los Angeles River is no longer a luxury but a necessity. By YOU stepping up and taking part, the river revitalization process will flow that much stronger.

Keep in mind that safety, in and around the Los Angeles River (in fact, any waterbody — from bathtubs to swimming pools to oceans) must be a constant and primary consideration.

You’re awesome! Thanks for taking action TODAY!!

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